SME Finance Masterclass


Zaddock Associates and Fie Consult in partnership formed the SME Finance Advisors to deliver the SME Finance MasterClasses

SME Finance Advisors is a Pan-African professional consortium of finance, investments & accounting experts supporting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across Sub Saharan Africa in financial planning & budgeting, book keeping & accounting, taxation & statutory deductions, financial reporting & analysis, financial modeling & company valuations, due diligence as well as in investment structuring, negotiations and raising of funding from equity, debt, grant and other types of investors.

More than 90% of SMEs in Africa die before their third year of operations. The funnel gets narrower over a span of 10 years with most of the remaining businesses dying pre-maturely along the way.

The main course of SME deaths & stunted growth is lack of an understanding of how to manage finances at the critical growth stage of your business; as well as lack of knowledge & skills on when, how and where to raise external capital more efficiently in order to finance your business growth.

SME Finance Masterclass seeks to equip founders & their finance teams with knowlwdge and skills on; SME Financial Planning & Management as well as SME Investor Preparedness & Processes.