With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, we all agree that the professional Accountant of the future will need an optimal and changing combination of professional competencies: a collection of technical knowledge, skills and abilities, combined with interpersonal behaviours and qualities.

Future accountants and finance professionals are expected to master skills in a wide variety of areas which means they can do much more than balancing books.

If you’re striving to succeed in accountancy and increase your satisfaction at work, there are key skills you should look to develop throughout your career.

According to ACCA, although technical expertise is vital, and will remain so, over the period to 2025 some areas of technical knowledge and skills will increase in value, others will decrease, and new knowledge and skills will be required. What is considered the ‘optimal’ mix will vary across specialist domains, roles, organisations, industries and geographies, and it will evolve in response to change.

"As the world changes and finance becomes an ever increasing priority for most organisations, there is a recognised need for the role of the finance professional to change. No longer can the finance professional sit behind a spreadsheet or spend hours simply playing with a chart of accounts. There is now a need, and in a lot of cases a pull from the business, for a finance professional to play a greater part in the strategic decision making and planning within a business.This has created the developing role of the Finance Business Partner." ICAS #Quote

The Accountancy 360 program is designed to mentor an Accountant into a strategic Business Partner.

  • Session 1: The traits of the indispensable Accountant
  • Session 2: The financial dash board
  • Session 3: The financial health check
  • Session 4: The financial leakages to plug
  • Session 5: The common tax mistakes to avoid

Fee: Ugx 80,000 per session or Ugx 360,000 for all the 5 sessions. Payments must be done before attending the sessions

Duration : 5 sessions of 2 hours each

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