Do you depend on one source of income? Would you be anxious in case that income stream dries up?

My boss informed me that the funding for the project I was working on had come to an end. My employer was contractually obligated to give me 3 months’ notice. When I got the notice, I was sad but was not depressed. This is because I had prepared myself for such an eventuality.

Many of us unfortunately are neither given notice nor prepared when the axe of retrenchment and redundancy falls.

Saying I was prepared meant that I had managed to save up to 6 months’ worth of my monthly living expense. Meaning that, I would still be able to meet my share or contribution to our family budget even if I stayed out of a job or had no other income for 6 months.

Honestly, accumulating that didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey, one that I would love to share with you who is seeking financial freedom!

Join us in this practical journey!

  • Session 1: Envisioning your financial goals
  • Session 2: Budgeting & Debt management
  • Session 3: Multiplying your revenue streams
  • Session 4: Saving & Investing
  • Session 5: Turning your passion into profit

Fee: Ugx100,000 for each of the 5 sessions.

Duration : 5 sessions of 2 hours each

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